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Popcorn with Topinambur syrup

PREP TIME  10 min.

A new addition and flavor for movie nights with popcorn. A sweet-salty snack ready in just a few minutes!

3 tbsp coconut oil
½ cup popcorn kernels
⅓ cup topinambur syrup
A pinch of salt

Prepare a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and pour the prepared popcorn onto it.
Take a pot with a thick bottom and heat the oil with a few popcorn kernels in it. Once they start popping, the oil is hot enough, and you can add the rest of the kernels, topinambur syrup, and salt. Cover with a lid and shake occasionally, lifting the lid slightly to release steam. When the kernels no longer pop as intensely, remove the pot from the heat and wait for everything to settle. Then transfer everything to the baking sheet and allow it to cool. Break up any large pieces into smaller ones.

The stove is moderately hot to prevent the syrup from burning.
After cooking, immediately pour water into the pot to make it easier to clean.
Use kitchen gloves while cooking.